So, I watched this movie a couple of days ago and it made quite an impression on me. A story of a woman in a really tough situation who made miracles happen. Great story, might I add.

The most inspirational movie I have seen in a while. The kind of movie that makes you strive to greater things and more accomplishments in your life.

Well, to make a long story short, it follows the life path of Joy Mangano (inventor of the miracle mop) from a struggling woman who is trying to make the ends meet, handling her dysfunctional  family, all while taking care of her young kids to an accomplished woman, owner of a multi-million-dollar company. What a great progress.

Now, I don’t know how loosely it is based on the life of the real Joy, but the on-screen story of Joy is truly remarkable, and when I saw the movie it kind of motivated me to be “better”, more hardworking and dedicated. It is a woman who handles a heavy burden and a lot of responsibilities of her every-day life.

I won’t write about more “technical stuff”, but Jennifer Lawrence did a great job in this movie. She became one of my favorite actresses, I realized i liked most of the movies she starred in.


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