Three things about Rob and Chyna mess that left me speechless

As Wendy Williams said long before little Dream (Blac and Rob’s daughter) this relationship is going to benefit only two people: Blac Chyna and her mother – Tokio Toni. All of that publicity is good for business.

I just don’t agree with her on the matter of Kardashian_Jenner clan not talking some sense into Rob. I don’t believe they were just sitting there with their arms crossed, watching Rob fucking up his life. They were clearly against the relationship, Khloe in particular, as you could have seen it in their reality show. Everyone saw it coming, but, I believe, Rob had fallen in love with Blac Chyna at that time and you know how people are when they are head over ears in love. The feelings were one sided obviously.

Damn, Chyna, why do you now want to play victim?

Why the hell would you send your VIOLENT EX(!) a video of yourself making out in HIS bed with another man, who, by the way, wore HIS robe at the time?

To make him angry? Jealous? Sad? Provoke a reaction? Because, congratulations, you did it! But not exactly in the way you wanted it to be? Because, his response was to go on social media and reveal you to everyone on the internet. That wasn’t exactly the best option for him – he should have stopped at the mentioned video. He would have spared himself of revenge porn infringement.

Second, both Chyna’s children are primary raised by their daddies.

I mean BOTH? What the %$#”?

I truly believe that the two of them (Tyga and Rob) are trying to do their best as dads while Chyna, on the other hand, is preoccupied with herself. Yes, I agree that you shouldn’t leave your SELF aside when you become a mother, but Chyna is going too far.

Chyna not wanting any of Robs money

At least she had some decency not to ask for child support (Rob had cut her off financially after his rant on social media earlier this month).

Well, he already afforded her a very luxurious lifestyle, but that isn’t the point. The point is that with all this publicity that she gained from the moment she started dating him she will make more money that she would get from him. And most important – it will be her money, not his.

I’m not taking his side, but I’m taking his side on this matter. I already wrote a post Blac Chyna – a different view about giving her credit because of her difficult beginnings and how much she has accomplished, while Rob, a crybaby raised with a silver spoon in his mouth was left with only that – calling her out on social media.

And, although it caused us, ordinary people with boring lives, a good laugh and entertainment so we can forget about that huge fucking gas bill, this is, in no way, how healthy grown ups would resolve their dispute.


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