Daycare vs Nanny

Well, I haven’t been posting much lately… because there’s not much happening. During summer everything kind of slows down. There’s even no Wendy Williams show, which is my daily routine: I make some coffee in the morning and watch the previous night’s episode. I kind of feel weird and not myself when my routine is changed.

I’m just waiting for day care to start (beginning of September) so I can start working with a peaceful mind. I’m not going to lie, this nanny thing is complicated – you never know what kind of person she is and how will she handle things. Not to mention the cost. That’s why I’m so happy that my younger one got accepted to the day care.

Even if I had the money for a nanny I would still choose day care. If I had my sister or mom closer and able to watch out for the kids, I would still choose day care. I will write about the reasons in another post.


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