Did I mention how much I love summer?

Too bad it lasts only 4 months.

summer beach sea

Yesterday we were at the beach for the whole day. The sea is a cure for my mind, literally. Aside the tranquility that it provides for me, it is also a source of fun and entertainment for the kids so I can have a moment of relaxation. Finally. Aside from a couple of tantrums thrown by my 2-year-old, for the most of the time it was pure joy.

I lived for a year in college inland (in the capital of my country), I missed this so much. The sound of waves reaching the shore …… mmmmm.

UPDATE: Finally I got some tan. Usually I leave the beach with a lobster color on my shoulders and lower back. Not to mention my butt…



Every summer, same trouble

waxing ugh

High temperatures, legs brace yourselves hot wax is coming. Someone told me that over time I will get used to the pain of waxing, but that time is yet to come (or at least I hope so), it still fucking hurts to the point where I have to gradually, over a couple of days, wax my lower legs. Damn. My kids are sleeping for an hour already and I still haven’t ought to get over with it.

Life goal: save up for an IPL machine. (When I think of the amount of time, patience and nausea, it sounds like a good investment).