Mom rant no.2: Make a larger age gap between your kids

If you know you’re someday going to have more than one kid, I’ll be straightforward, make a larger age gap between them. Save yourself. A few years won’t make a big difference for them, but it will for you.

Let me tell you, from experience. Kids, when they are very young (I’m talking bellow 3-4 years) don’t know there is two (or more) of them, and only one of you. That’s why you will be torn between them. They want their needs satisfied and don’t really care about others. So, for the first couple of years you are going to be only a service, mom service.

Not only will it do good to you, but to your children as well. The fact is that when you have two babies, or toddlers, or a combination of both, it’s hard to give them the amount of attention that they want or need.

So make your kids AND yourself a favor and wait 2-3-4 years till you get pregnant again.


Just another single-mom-with-no-support-system rant

Never, in a million years, did I think that it wold be so tough. Yes, I was prepared that childbearing is going to be this much of a commitment and responsibility, but I didn’t thought that I would be so alone in it.


I had both of my kids in a little more than a year apart (14 months to be exact), everyone was going by their business and I didn’t expect much help from others, after all, the babies were still too young an very dependent of their mother. T

hen it all happened; within a year after my second child was born my sister and my mother moved to another country and 6 months later i separated from the father of my children. Soon after, he moved to another country as well. Not that I missed him – he was one of those daddies that abandon the ship which got caught in a storm. I guess he couldn’t handle the pressure and responsibility.

For the last 4 years everything revolves around them and, to sum it up, I just want some alone time. I want to go to the beach by myself, I want to swim and sunbathe not worrying what trouble my kids are going to do next, did I bring everything we might going to need, are they safe,are there any potential danger to them, are they hungry/thirsty/peed themselves/fighting/running away/jumping of a cliff/… You know what I mean.

I would like to go for a walk, watch a movie, go to a cafe without constantly worrying and looking for them. I would like to go grocery shopping by myself so I don’t have to run around chasing them, or begging them to “please get up from the floor and walk,” or handling tantrums while everyone is watching me and judging. I would even like to go to my dentist to fix this damn tooth because it’s killing me for 3 weeks already.

But I can’t. Because I am tired of constantly asking for someone to babysit them while I do a couple of errands.

To tell you the truth, I can’t wait for them to grow up so I could get some of that long lost freedom. I can’t wait to be thirty-something. Everyone says “Don’t say that you don’t mean it, enjoy your youth.”

I know that someday I will miss these days, because my kids will grow up and they won’t need me anymore, but today isn’t the day.